Product packaging, a seemingly inconsequential thing, is in fact considered one of the most important elements of a product’s sales strategy.

What will it look like? How will it set the product apart from its competition? What technical and distribution requirements does it have to meet?
Which one would you rather pick? A stylishly packed product that screams: “Buy me!” from a distance or a similar product in a generic, dull packaging?

We know which one we would prefer. Let’s not fool ourselves. Nowadays, it is absolutely vital for a brand to set itself apart from its competition in any way possible.

We provide a comprehensive range of packaging services including consultancy, development and design, productionassemblydelivery, and storage. We offer a variety of packaging types to choose from. Blister packs are ideal for example for batteries, cosmetic products or as inserts in gift boxes. Foils and shrink foils are the perfect solution for multipacks, while sleeves are a great choice as print carriers both for individual products (cans, plastic bottles, etc.) and printed multipacks.

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