Looking for a way to catch the attention of your customers at a first glance? Packaging sleeves offer a great range of possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Sleeves (packaging sleeves, shrink sleeves) are the perfect solution for products with irregular shapes as well as for products meant to be printed top to bottom. They are a functionally and creatively versatile medium. Would you like to make a beer can look like a sandwich? No problem. Today, consumers are surrounded by shelves crowded with a plethora of almost identical products they have to choose from. Our aim is to capture their attention, surprise and engage them. A product needs to be seen and remembered. Making it visually stand out is our way of helping you achieve that.

We arrange the printing of images, EAN codes, legally required information and anything else you decide to include on your sleeve. Shrink sleeves are often used to pack multipacks, combine items (e.g. a free present attached to the main product), and to prevent unintentional opening. Shrink sleeves are the ideal multifunctional answer to your specific needs.

How does it work? We print the graphics on the back side of the sleeve which ensures the print is protected while the outer side gives the finished packaging a highly glossy look. The sleeve may also be applied inversely with the printed back side out, giving it an appealing matte, velvety appearance. Shrink sleeves are applied on a packing line using hot air or steam.

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