Besides our standard services, we are also able to provide storage and record keeping. You don’t have to worry about your customers at all. All our premises are protected with an electronic security system and connected to a central security station. Naturally, all stored products are insured.

  • We can provide storage (approx. 3,000 pallets) and record keeping.
  • We palletize and prepare orders for dispatch to various points of sale.
  • We arrange the production of suitable distribution and transport packaging.
  • We distribute advertising materials to our customers’ branch offices and their sales representatives or agents.
  • We fully support break-bulk cross-docking.

We provide shipment assembly, packing and shipping according to distribution lists. We can handle anything from standard envelopes to packages of unconventional sizes.

Furthermore, we will readily assist you with palletizing. We’ll assemble and pack your pallet shipments (mixed pallets as well as oversize pallets) according to distribution lists of individual retail chain stores, sales representatives or agents, central warehouses, and private addresses.

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